Barr exposed the rampant desperation of Trump’s foes

On one level, the hearing on the report of special counsel Robert Mueller was predictable in its partisan divide. Republicans wanted to emphasize Mueller’s findings that no American, including those in President Trump’s 2016 campaign, conspired with Russia to meddle and Barr’s determination that there had been no obstruction of justice.

Democrats, as expected, tried to cloud the conclusions by suggesting there was too much smoke in the president’s actions for there not to be fire somewhere. The best hope they had was a letter from Mueller telling Barr he was unhappy with the AG’s initial four-page letter on the report’s conclusions, saying it “did not fully capture” the scope of the entire 450-page report.

Barr called the letter a “bit snitty,” and countered the criticism by saying he had moved quickly to release the entire report, minus minimal redactions, and the whole world could see what Mueller had found — and didn’t find.

It was a legitimate, if thin, line of questioning, but Dems didn’t like the answer and lost it again. Obviously frustrated that their main talking point for the entire Trump presidency has come up empty, they savaged Barr and accused him of covering up for a corrupt ­president.

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