Why veterans like me are leaving the NRA

Perhaps the worst example of the state of today’s NRA is the manner in which the institution demonizes its opposition, especially survivors of gun violence. After the Parkland mass shooting, NRATV personalities attacked the Parkland student survivors as “useful idiot[s],” and even suggested they might be actors, part of some made-up grand conspiracy.

It’s representative of the gun lobby’s current modus operandi: childish name calling, fear mongering and misinformation. That’s why more and more responsible gun owners like me are leaving the NRA.

I believe the overwhelming majority of NRA members are good people and responsible gun owners, but I decry the NRA’s leadership and direction. I oppose its tactics. I condemn its inability to support its members, and I lament its transformation from a sportsman’s organization into a shill for gun manufacturers and a wedge-creator in society.

A common refrain we hear from NRA leadership is a call for members to “stand and fight” for their rights. That’s what I am doing now.

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