AOC, Tlaib, and Omar are great arguments for America

Omar and Tlaib know that if they were to redirect animus to the governments and societies of Somalia or the Palestinian territories, their freedoms, if not their very lives, would be in danger.

Transfer US paradigms from frigid Minnesota to balmy Somalia, and Omar would never have left Mogadishu. Put Somalian protocols in play in Minneapolis, and she and her family would never have set foot in America.

The reason she seems unable to acknowledge that simple truth is also Western to the core — once a pampered Westerner, she gains the leisure, affluence and security to critique the very system that provided these boons.

Newcomers to the West, emulating the hipster progressive left, sometimes lodge almost immediate complaints about Western civilization, usually the boilerplate that it is racist, biased and sexist. But one wonders, given the tribal nature of man, compared with what?

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