Trump's lack of cooperation with Congress sparks impeachment push in House

The chairmen and members of the six panels investigating the president are increasingly angered by the White House’s unwillingness to comply as they carry out their oversight role, according to several House Democratic officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter freely. But that anger extends into the ranks of Pelosi’s team as well, according to leadership officials…

Earlier this month, several lawmakers from the most liberal wing of the caucus had called for impeachment after the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. But Pelosi, D-Calif., fearing 2020 election fallout from such a politically divisive step, had asked Democratic investigators to hold off and continue their inquiries.

But Trump’s no-cooperation stance is blocking that mission; his team has publicly directed administration officials to ignore House Democrats, prompting several of the more-establishment Democrats to favor pursuing impeachment in a notable shift on Capitol Hill. Pelosi makes the final decision.

“The Mueller report and this assault on the legislative branch made Nancy’s call to avoid impeachment much more difficult for rank-and-file members,” said Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va., a member of the Oversight Committee. “We’ve moved from (Trump’s) culpability laid out in the Mueller report to an assault on the institution and constitutional framework that is the legislative branch.”

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