Graham calls Dems "political hacks," says Trump should fight subpoenas

Graham, who played a prominent role in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings in 1998, defended his past stance in an interview with CNN on Monday, while calling on Trump to “fight like hell” against House Democratic “political hacks” and goading Democrats to carry through with impeaching Trump if they want.

And when asked about Trump’s behavior, specifically the 10 instances documented in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the President’s possible obstruction of justice, Graham said bluntly: “I don’t care.”

“There were zero instances of Trump impeding Mueller,” Graham said. “Zero.”

But Graham, while then a member of the House of Representatives in 1998, took to the floor during the Clinton impeachment proceedings and made reference to the Watergate scandal, which ended Nixon’s presidency, noting that Nixon “failed” to answer a subpoena and that was “the day he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress.”

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