Remember the #NeverTrump movement? It collapsed

Now, two years into the Trump presidency, the case for NeverTrumpism has completely collapsed. Not one of the overblown doomsday scenarios that President Trump was supposed to unleash on humanity has panned out. The economy hasn’t collapsed. Fascism hasn’t come to America. And we aren’t at war with the world.

The president, in fact, has an impressive record of conservative accomplishments. Admittedly, it is easy to lose sight of them amid the flurry of tweets, the high turnover rate in the administration and the daily skirmishes with journalists. But Trump has cut taxes, pursued an aggressive deregulatory agenda, boosted the defense budget and appointed two fine justices to the Supreme Court as well as a record number of appellate judges to the federal bench…

If anything, it is Trump’s original die-hard supporters who have the most reason to be disappointed with him. His rhetoric notwithstanding, Trump has proven to be more of a conventional Republican than an “America first” nationalist. The great irony, which is entirely lost on the NeverTrumpers, is that in terms of policy, Trump has turned out to be the kind of president they always said they wanted but predicted he could never be.

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