Moving to impeach Trump would only make him stronger

If Democrats want to pursue impeachment nonetheless, then to quote Ronald Reagan quoting Clint Eastwood: “Go ahead, make my day.” Impeachment over anything other than a conspiracy with Russia will backfire with the American people and help ensure Trump’s re-election.

First, it will fail, because two-thirds of the Senate won’t vote to convict the president. Second, Trump’s supporters will see an impeachment effort as an attempted coup, energizing his base ahead of the 2020 election. And third, it will be seen as partisan and unfair by persuadable voters, who won’t appreciate politicians second-guessing the conclusions of an impartial ­investigation.

Want to push Trump’s approval above 50 percent? Try to impeach him.

While Democrats debate pursuing impeachment, they are also abusing their powers to get Trump’s tax returns in the hope they will provide what the Mueller investigation didn’t: evidence of something incriminating.

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