U.S. economy proves liberal "sugar high" predictions are wrong again

This isn’t a one-time anomaly, either. GDP growth has been increasing steadily throughout Trump’s presidency, and the most recent data bring us to three consecutive quarters in which year-over-year growth has been 3 percent or higher. In fact, GDP growth has averaged 3.3 percent over the past four quarters.

When Trump predicted this economic outcome more than three years ago, the Washington establishment snickered and scoffed, convinced that the pathetic economy Obama presided over was simply the “new normal.”

Former Treasury Secretary and Obama economic adviser Larry Summers compared Trump’s prediction of 3 percent GDP growth to believing in “tooth fairies,” and Obama administration economist Lee Branstetter actually declared that it was “mathematically impossible” to reach 3 percent growth.

Those so-called “experts” were almost immediately proven wrong when growth hit 3 percent in the first full quarter after President Trump took office (Q2 2017).

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