Half of Americans think the smell of weed in public is a real problem

When asked how big of a problem the smell is in public, such as when walking down the sidewalk, 23% of Americans said it was a major problem and 28% called it a minor problem. Twenty-eight percent also said it was “not really a problem” and another 21% said it was “not a problem at all.”

Among current cannabis consumers in the US, one-third of them said it is a problem — though only 10% called it a major problem. In contrast, 27% of nonconsumers called the smell a major problem and another 29% called it a minor problem. Conservatives and adults over 55 years old tended to be more put off than liberals and younger adults.

Twenty-three percent of Americans affirmed “I hate when I smell cannabis in public,” and another 18% said they don’t enjoy it — that contrasts with 18% who said they do like the smell in public. Forty-one percent said they don’t notice or don’t care.

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