Should Democrats start taking hostages?

If Trump won’t obey the law, perhaps Democrats can force him to do so by taking the debt ceiling, government operations, or military funding hostage.

The argument in favor is straightforward. Trump is unquestionably the most corrupt president in American history, and almost certainly committed obstruction of justice during the Mueller investigation. It is vitally important as a matter of constitutional responsibilities and democratic values that the details of his corrupt administration and business empire are exposed — at the very least. If the administration won’t obey the law, and the right-wing hacks in the judiciary won’t force him to do it, then maximalist tactics to protect the foundation of American democracy are justified.

Of course Republicans will cry hypocrisy, and centrists will wring their handkerchiefs into shreds, but there is a key difference. Whereas Republicans took the debt ceiling hostage and shut down the government to try to achieve policy goals they couldn’t get through the normal legislative process, Democrats would be doing it to force Trump to obey the law.

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