Most Democrats care more about winning than about identity politics

YouGov also asked whether various demographic traits make a candidate more or less electable. The answers from Democrats were not quite what people may guess from Big Media’s political coverage.

For example, 30 percent of Democrats think people would be more likely to vote for a white candidate. In contrast, 8 percent think voters would be less likely to support someone who is white. Thirty-four percent of Democrats believe voters would be more likely to back a male candidate. A mere 5 percent of Dems think people would be less likely to vote for a man. Considering age, 24 percent believe voters would prefer a candidate younger than 50 years old; 12 percent believe a younger candidate is less electable.

On the other hand, only 12 percent of Democrats opined that a nonwhite candidate would attract more voters, while 29 percent thought voters would be less supportive. Seventeen percent think a female candidate would be more electable. Thirty percent answered that a woman would be less electable. Democrats further believe that a candidate older than 70 years old would be less electable (10 percent versus 32 percent).

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