Democrats' relentless, fruitless hunt for the great orange whale

Not good enough, say powerful Democrats and their faithful media allies. After all, the Great Orange Whale is still out there, swimming and spouting. His adversaries, still fighting the last election and ready for the next one, have their harpoons sharpened and ready.

Their single-minded pursuit carries real risks for Democrats in swing districts and their 2020 presidential nominee. The general electorate wants to move on and focus on health care, immigration, inequality, opioids, and education.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows that. But she cannot control the party’s activist, left-wing base, its presidential hopefuls, or its powerful House chairmen, Jerry Nadler, Elijah Cummings, and Adam Schiff. Those zealots are steering the good ship Pequod into dangerous waters.

What they are doing now is pure showmanship: smearing Barr as a partisan lackey and demanding unredacted copies of the Mueller Report. Neither will succeed. Barr is a lawyer’s lawyer. His stature and integrity tower above his critics. Remember, too, that Rosenstein signed on to the obstruction decision.

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