Report: Avenatti embezzled millions meant for NBA star’s ex

The Miami Heat hoopster had wired $2.75 million to Avenatti in January 2017, intending it to cover the bulk of his $3 million settlement with former flame Alexis Gardner, who was repped by Avenatti, The Los Angeles Times reported, citing court filings.

Avenatti was entitled to keep a roughly $1 million cut to cover his legal fees but instead allegedly pocketed the whole sum, stalling Gardner by telling her that the initial payment covered only his share and that hers would come over 96 smaller monthly installments, the report said.

But just one day after receiving the wire transfer from Whiteside, Avenatti shifted around $2.5 million between bank accounts to pay for a half-share of a private HA-420 jet, the report said, citing bank records.

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