Why relocating illegal aliens to sanctuary cities is a brilliant, win-win idea

Trump’s plan doesn’t neglect rural America. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ sanctuary state of Vermont is a shocking 95 percent white. By receiving thousands of new illegal immigrants every year, the Green Mountain state’s pale-faced population would quickly become browner and more diverse. And, because Vermont’s population growth rate is just one-quarter the national average, the sanctuary relocation plan would provide more workers to strengthen the state economy.

The Trump plan miraculously caters to special interests that oppose one another. California’s besieged agriculture industry, about to be wrecked by a $15-an-hour minimum wage, will receive new influxes of illegal immigrant laborers they can pay under the table, and the feds won’t be able to do a thing. Meanwhile the dying United Farm Workers union, whose members keep leaving in droves, could get a fresh injection of dues-payers.

The compromise would help Democrat political machines keep control in cities and states, but, because the sanctuary states themselves are already progressive, the population increase would have no effect on the Electoral College. Win-win again.

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