Why Bob Kraft’s ordeal should alarm us all

Having spread this vicious lie about Kraft, the state attorney moved on to other methods of torment. Because Kraft wouldn’t admit his guilt, which could lead to repercussions from the NFL, the state attorney has moved to release the videos law enforcers allegedly took of Kraft at the massage parlor.

Why would prosecutors want to do that? A prominent criminal defense attorney in New York told me: “Arguably, the district attorney’s announcement that it would release some of the Kraft tapes is rooted in gamesmanship. It’s been well publicized that Kraft turned down the initial ­[plea] offer, and this is likely an effort to get him to agree to a disposition.”

Robert Kraft appears publicly, as Boston fans show how they really feel
Kneel and confess guilt, or we will release embarrassing footage of you. That shouldn’t be how our justice system operates.

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