William Barr gave this country an extraordinary gift

But, of course, in reality the “case” is not a legal matter that can simply be closed. It is instead a political brawl; the Mueller narrative is now a weapon in a fight for the heart and soul of core groups of citizens that constitute the electoral bases to be energized. The political calculus apparently dictates, “Who cares what is proper legal procedure, and so what if the rule of law loses, because we win!”

The attorney general is not only a lawyer whose résumé, past actions and professional station bespeak unquestioned integrity, but he is also a veteran of steering legal ships through political waters, including troubled and challenging ones. Lots of good lawyers can figure out the legal issues, can discern and argue what the law demands, requires or disallows. But it takes another dimension to take those conclusions to a rightful — rule-of-law-driven — end when they arise in a heated political atmosphere.

Barr did this nation a great service by volunteering to take the job of attorney general — something others were unwilling to do. He has doubled down on that commitment by spending precious personal credibility to do the job by the book. I hope virtue is its own reward, because I doubt he will see any other return for this extraordinary gift to the country.