I’m gay and support Mike Pence despite what Pete Buttigieg says

That’s it. A stance that then-Gov. Pence had taken involving the reauthorization of HIV/AIDS funding was twisted by the left, repeated again and again, and used to exploit the deepest fears of gays and lesbians to get them to support Democrats and oppose Republican Pence.

I searched more and more for any other information that supported the claim that Pence supported “conversion therapy” but I couldn’t find anything. I was furious, realizing I and many others had been lied to by the left yet again.

So I went to the Turning Point USA conference. I posed for a photo with Pence and smiled bright and wide. I was proud to be there.

The vice president was welcoming and cordial to this gay, black, Iraq war combat veteran and conservative Republican. Like he was to our gay ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell when swearing him in as Grenell’s longtime partner Matt Lashey held the Bible.