House Democrats’ Mueller report dilemma: To impeach or not?

But politically, attempting to impeach Trump doesn’t make much sense. Democrats risk looking like sore losers if they undertake impeachment proceedings, especially without any Republican buy-in. (And no one expects the Republican-controlled Senate to hold a trial based on an investigation that ultimately didn’t charge Trump with any crime.) So why stir up a hornet’s nest by considering impeachment when Democrats can just try to defeat Trump in 2020?

Jens David Ohlin, a vice dean of Cornell Law School, argues it’s matter of historical imperative for Congress to do something on the impeachment front, even if it’s just holding hearings to consider it. Trump just avoided legal repercussions for attempting to fire the special counsel. For the sake of the rule of law, Congress can’t let that go, he said.

Congress could “say this conduct is unacceptable, and there is going to be an asterisk in Trump’s name in history books,” Ohlin said. “He’s not going to be removed from power, but he’s going to be on this very short list of presidents impeached by the House of Representatives.”