"Reservoir Dems" prepare for a Trump 2020 landslide

Let’s see if I did my intersectional sums correctly: Feminists like Pelosi are Islamophobes, gays like Buttigieg are racists, blacks are homophobic, and white men like Biden and Sanders are misogynist and classist, as the case may be. Beto O’Rourke is a misogynist, although his ode to cows may win him the bovine vote. I suppose the Democrats will have to nominate Cory Booker, who says he isn’t gay but might be, and whose net worth might be as low as $600,000.

No goofier notion ever invaded American political thinking than the idea of a coalition based on entitled victimhood and invented identity. Victimhood is inconsolable and identity is inviolable. In the weird world of intersectionality, gays have to abase themselves before blacks for racism, and blacks have to abase themselves before gays for homophobia, and everyone has to abase himself for exhaling carbon dioxide. This isn’t a coalition. It’s a mob of mutually irreconcilable elements as likely to turn on each other as on anyone else.

One can debate whether the American republic is founded upon common principles and a commitment to compromise (a form of social contract) or a common culture (Lincoln’s “mystic chords of memory” and his concept of Americans as an “almost chosen people”). Intersectionality rejects the concept of a unifying culture in favor of a plethora of identities that are incompatible with each other, as well as the common culture. African-Americans and Hispanics can be misogynists and homophobes; feminists and LGBTQ’s can be racist, and Muslims can be all of these things. All of them are classist, including newly-minted millionaire Bernie Sanders.