Trump is hell-bent on "owning the libs"

But no lib-owning tweet can hold a candle to Trump’s announcement over the weekend that he is considering busing thousands of refugees to “sanctuary cities.”

Many conservative commentators have celebrated this triumph of lib-owning, even as they concede in mumbled parentheticals that it won’t actually happen — not least because it’s almost certainly illegal without congressional authorization, which will never materialize. But some conservatives continue to defend Trump’s theatrics on the grounds that people should take him seriously but not literally. But taken either way, the idea is nuttier than a squirrel’s preferred last meal.

Stemming illegal (and sometimes legal) immigration is the president’s signature issue. Moving the thousands of refugees currently in detention to sanctuary cities is literally achieving the opposite of his goal.

Moreover, the reason there’s a refugee crisis at the border is that desperate Central Americans believe this is their now-or-never moment to get asylum in the United States. What will happen when video of buses depositing refugees in Colorado, Vermont, or Oregon is broadcast across South America?