A survival guide for the Trump White House

“One thing that will never go out of style in the Trump White House is someone who is willing to go on TV and defend the president, no matter what is going on,” Sims said in an interview. “Kellyanne has proven she’s willing to do that anytime and anywhere. Love Kellyanne or hate her, she is generally good at arguing with people on television.”

She has another advantage. With a fluid portfolio, she doesn’t have the clear, direct responsibility for a controversial policy area that Trump cares about. That’s what sunk Nielsen, who had command of border security and immigration issues, which are Trump’s constant focus.

Beyond that, the cost of jettisoning Conway may be too high. Were she to lose her job and turn on Trump, she’d be a tough adversary. “He doesn’t want her on the outside looking in,” said one former administration official.