Why "canceling" Trump officials is creepily repressive and hypocritical

If their motive is concern over traumatized foreign children, then it’d be hard to ignore the list of American leaders and officials whose thoughtless actions have harmed countless foreign kids. Take the Iraq War, for instance. This war of choice, that is now widely acknowledged to have been started with lies, ended up killing, maiming, orphaning, and displacing tens of thousands of Iraqi children.

By Goldberg’s logic, we’ll have to “cancel” dozens and dozens of American leaders and officials who initiated and participated in the Iraq mess. It’s a long, bipartisan list. Where do we begin? With George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and on and on.

Among pundits too, the list of those who promoted the war is a long one, including Bill Kristol, David Brooks, Thomas Friedman, Max Boot, and Fareed Zakaria. Were all these prominent public figures “canceled” because their reckless policy harmed a large number of Iraqi children? Of course not. They all faced no accountability for their disastrous, destabilizing foreign policy advocacy and decisions.