America has a new tune: Losing our religion

Religions, the major ones, anyhow, weren’t birthed to ruin the world, but to understand it. Sure, there are many who warp their faith for personal gain or destruction. But there are far more who use it as a guide: to behave better to one another, to commit to acts of charity, to find a moral compass, and to recognize a higher power than politics, advertising, entertainment or social media.

In fact, some believe social media has been an impetus for people dropping religion. “The ease of access to the Internet helped build communities where they didn’t feel alone,” Nick Fish, the president of American Atheists, told

Well, I feel for people who think Facebook is the same as church. Or that anyone in your Internet “community” will provide real comfort on your deathbed.

“Under His wing you will find refuge,” a psalm says. If that applies to Instagram, it’s news to me.