Know who's not surprised by "Aunt Becky''s rule-breaking? Every teacher

Some people will say lying about your child reading at night is different from lying on a college application. It’s not like a dishonest reading log denies another student a spot in a particular college.

OK, agreed, but what about the parents who lie about where their children live in order to get them into a school with a better sports team? They believe what they are doing is best for their child. However, there is a child (who actually lives in the school district) sitting on the bench not getting playing time. Do you know who thought she was doing what was best for her child? Aunt Becky.

We set up rules, policies and laws for a reason. Sometimes I think rules, policies and laws are ridiculous and I should not have to follow them. But if I violate them, what kind of example am I setting? I think that is also part of the uproar. These parents have basically said, “We understand this is a rule, but it doesn’t apply to us because we think we have a better idea we that will benefit us.”