Democrats, do not force America to choose between nationalism and socialism

I know what you’re thinking. It’s early. Someone in the field will break out. Joe Biden is leading Sanders in every poll by 10 points and he’s eventually going to get in and take care of everything.

Maybe. But maybe not. Heed the lesson of Trump: Bernie Sanders voters are committed, devoted, and pissed, just like Trump’s were (and still are). And they aren’t going anywhere.

It gets worse: Bernie is already more palatable to Democratic voters than Trump was at this stage. Look at the ranked-choice polling and you see that for people whose first choice is Biden, Beto, Warren, and even Klobuchar, their second choice is . . . Bernie.

Bernie doesn’t do so well with Harris and Booker supporters. And maybe, in the end, African-American voters could save the Democratic party. But right now, Bernie has a rock-solid base and is poised to consolidate.