Why Democrats should run a celebrity in 2020

Baldwin and Winfrey are not, astonishingly, the only celebrities who dislike Trump. In fact, the only even moderately famous people who do are James Wood, who is so weird that he is probably Canadian or something and thus ineligible to run for president, and Chuck Norris, who is really more of a Mike Huckabee fan. In choosing a celeb candidate, DNC bigwigs could have their pick of a very large litter. Taylor Swift is not quite old enough, but what about Beyoncé? I am not exactly a connoisseur of American popular culture circa 2019, but there are dozens of people named Seth and Chris who are well known enough to appear in Google News almost every day. I’ll bet all of them are liberal.

Indeed, we might do a good deal better than generic Hollywood progressive. For my money the best choice to run against Trump in 2020 would be Smokey Robinson, surely one of the greatest living Americans. Find me someone who dislikes “The Tracks of My Tears” and I will show you a paid-up Russian disinformation agent who should be hanged under the terms of a revived Alien and Sedition Act. In our culturally fractured age love of Motown is probably one of the only things that can unite left, right, and center. A Smokey Robinson-Loretta Lynn, male-female black-white, urban-rural, North-South unity ticket? Sign me up.