"I am as American as everyone else is"

“This whole process really has been one of growth for me,” Omar replied, acknowledging that she was not always aware of the tropes that may have been offensive to some Jewish people. “When you tell me you are pained by something that I say, I will always listen and I will acknowledge your pain,” she said. But the same should go in the other direction.

“When you have people on Fox News question whether I am actually American or I put ‘America first,’ I expect my colleagues to also say, ‘That’s not OK’ and call that out,” she continued, referring to comments earlier Wednesday morning from Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade. To those who question her loyalty to America, Omar said, “I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I am as American as everyone else is.”

She went on to call out the “double standard” of criticizing her supposed “insinuations” but not going after “people like the folks on Fox & Friends who actually say those words.”