None of this is normal

It’s important to understand the Trump effect on both parties. He has captured the political part of the American mind. What this means is he’s constantly at the center of what Republicans and Democrats discuss, debate, or think about. He’s gotten in their brains.

A whole tribe of political columnists have been affected. They can’t write about anyone besides Trump. His presence caused George Will, the great conservative writer, to quit the Republican Party. Trump’s rise prompted Max Boot, the military affairs expert, to become a liberal. The Never Trump cabal is small, but if you were running for reelection, you’d want those folks on your side.

It’s significant that Democrats have decided to transform Washington into one giant stage to air the evils of Trump. It will last for months. And if they take the next step and seek to impeach him, the drama will continue for months more.

The obsession with Trump eclipses the Democratic presidential campaign and the party squabble over how far it should lurch to the left.