What Kirsten Gillibrand is missing: New York endorsements for 2020

Senator Cory Booker has been endorsed for president by New Jersey’s entire 11-member Democratic congressional delegation, his state’s governor and its other senator. Senator Bernie Sanders has the backing of Vermont’s other senator and its lone House member. Senator Kamala Harris has support from three-quarters of the Democrats in the California State Senate, the governor and a handful of House members from her state.

Even John Delaney, the former Maryland congressman running a long-shot bid for president, has the support of a House member from his home state.

But Senator Kirsten Gillibrand? No one from New York’s 21-member congressional delegation is yet backing her bid for president. And neither is New York’s governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, or its other senator, Chuck Schumer, who as minority leader is staying neutral because numerous senators are in the race.

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