Why I am critic, not a Never Trump absolutist

CNN commentator Matt Lewis recently observed the bitter fights breaking out on social media among conservatives who in an earlier era might have seen themselves as ideological allies.

“We are at the stage where the (last?) fight on the right is between people who share something in common: None of them were initially Trump fans,” Lewis wrote on Twitter. “Half of these folks ended up embracing him, and half went entirely the opposite direction. Both sides now view the other with contempt.”

The truth is, we’re well past this stage. The battle between Trump converts and critics has been raging for years. The current stage represents a fight breaking out between people who have remained critical of Trump. However, one side has adopted what’s become known as the “balls and strikes” attitude of applauding decisions they agree with while condemning him –oftentimes harshly — when they disagree. The absolutists, however, view any deviation from incessant attacks on Trump to be tantamount to enabling his worst behavior.

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