Omar uproar swamps Pelosi

Pelosi called an emergency meeting Wednesday night with senior lawmakers on both sides of the debate to try to resolve their differences, though the meeting ended without a final decision on the resolution.

If Pelosi comes down too hard on Omar, she risks alienating progressive lawmakers and outside groups that have rallied to the Minnesota Democrat’s side. If she pulls her punches, Pelosi will anger Jewish lawmakers and groups outraged over Omar’s latest remark about pro-Israel advocates’ “allegiance to a foreign country.”…

As the leader of the Democratic Caucus for the past 16 years, Pelosi has long taken a dual approach to soothing tensions within the caucus — sometimes using honey, sometimes vinegar, but almost always getting her way in the end. Now, in her second go-round as speaker, she’s being tested by a caucus that is more diverse, restive and outspoken than ever before.

“I know that it looks different or feels different to people, but I didn’t come here to just sit quietly and fall in line,” said freshman Rep. Jahana Hayes, one of several members who criticized leadership’s strategy during a tense closed-door meeting Wednesday morning. “I don’t mean that to be respectful.”

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