"It gets real personal, real fast": Dems fear targeting Trump kids could backfire

House Democrats have already gone to war with President Donald Trump. But there’s one target they’re skittish of hitting too hard: his children.

In public and private, Democrats see potential pitfalls in dragging Trump’s adult children into their political squabbles with the president. So even as they ramp up their investigations into Trump, senior Democrats are reluctant to zero in too much on Trump’s adult children as part of their sprawling probes into Trump’s administration, campaign and business empire.

Democrats, in fact, would prefer to let federal prosecutors handle the family while they take on the president themselves.

Yet Trump’s family members — including Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner — are so deeply involved in his business and his presidency that it will likely be impossible to take a completely hands-off approach.

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