Barack Obama is not a formula

Unemployed former congressman and perennial angsty dad-bro Robert Francis O’Rourke has yet another sepia-hued magazine profile, this time in POLITICO Magazine. Like all Beto profiles, the piece is littered with sullen anecdotes of the politician’s past. But it provides a deep-dive into O’Rourke’s actual record only to prove it’s as malleable and vague as his image is.

Beto wants to rip down the border wall in El Paso, but he also ran for Congress criticizing Obamacare. Many on the Left have come to lionize him, yet he also flirted with Republican-style Social Security reform.

Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast summed up the image presented of Beto well, noting “the goal, of course, is to be the next Obama: someone onto whom vastly different constituencies can project their own ideas and preferences.”

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