I won’t run, but I will fight to elect the right Democratic president

I believe we should pick our nominee based on the following criteria. Does this person have a clear vision for the nation that meets the challenges of today and the uncertainties of the future? Is this a candidate of integrity whose honesty will help rebuild trust in our institutions? Does the person have the capacity — both mental and physical — to handle the rigors of the Oval Office? Does the candidate have the experience to revitalize a federal government that has been mismanaged at home and diminished abroad? Will this person have the ability to inspire the American people and bring us together?

In evaluating potential nominees, we should remember that creativity is not limited to the young, nor wisdom to those who are older. We must measure our candidates not by their age, but by the vitality of their ideas.

This moment also calls for transformative policies. Now is a time to think big — but to be wary of purists. I believe the candidates must lay out their plans in a few critical areas.