How Howard Schultz could become president

“Because the Senate selects the vice president from the top two electoral vote recipients, that selection should easily be accomplished,” Adler continued, assuming — as the 2020 Senate map suggests — that the GOP retains its majority status under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

“Given that some states may have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives and would thus deadlock, and because of the highly unlikely chance that a Democratic-majority state delegation could ever vote for Donald Trump or a Republican-majority state delegation could vote for the Democrat, and the Schultz state(s) would hold firm, the House of Representatives may never be able to hit the 26 states for either President Trump or the Democratic candidate,” Adler concluded. “At that point, assuming that the acting president is Mike Pence, the House of Representatives would be forced to choose between Mike Pence as the acting president for four years or President Schultz.”


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