Conservatives are "obsessed" with AOC, says media that’s obsessed with AOC

These are not “news” stories by any stretch of the imagination. Not one of them. These are love letters written by starstruck fans who happen to work for publications. The media are eager to update the faithful on the latest, greatest “slay queen” moments from the slayest of queens, and there’s no end in sight to these types of stories. They’re going to keep pumping these things out, one after the other.

There’s no real difference in the amount of attention Ocasio-Cortez gets from the nation’s leading newsrooms and the amount of attention she gets from right-leaning media. The only difference is the tone. Conservatives are critical of the congresswoman, while the average newsrooms might as well be lining up for her autograph.

Yet it’s the conservatives who are accused of being obsessed. Ironically enough, that accusation comes from the only corner of the world that can be described as being more infatuated with Ocasio-Cortez than the Right is.

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