What’s so funny about Amy Klobuchar's bad temper?

As luck would have it — not clear yet whether it’s good luck or bad — the Minnesota senator is the Democratic speaker at Saturday night’s annual Gridiron Dinner. The invitation to appear before journalists and assorted Washington insiders comes at the precise moment Klobuchar is trying to send her presidential campaign aloft amid a downdraft of news reports about her allegedly foul moods and the intimidating work environment these spawned.

Klobuchar right now surely has a team of advisers — those who have not quit and told their stories to reporters — working last-minute on lines that can simultaneously acknowledge her reputation and, with the right mix of humor and humility, drain it of toxicity.

It is an old Washington challenge — how to preempt attacks on a point of personal vulnerability — applied in a new Washington context, in which sensitivity to unequal power dynamics means a former junior staffer willing to speak out could doom the aspirations of his or her former boss.

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