The holy war over Trump

There’s a civil war on the Right again, and one of the insurgent groups just got a profile in the Atlantic. The Bulwark, the editorial platoon run by veteran conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, reportedly is gearing up for a very peculiar battle.

If the Atlantic profile is accurate, the Bulwark’s next target is not so much President Trump, nor even Trump’s fiercest, vilest, and most intolerant defenders. The target appears to be conservatives who find themselves defending Trump despite knowing his flaws.

“[I]n the coming months,” McKay Coppins at the Atlantic reports, “The Bulwark will home in on a specific class of ‘grifters and trolls’—those opportunistic Trump enablers who still get invited on Meet the Press and write for prestigious newspapers.” Then the Atlantic names names, including Henry Olsen and Marc Thiessen.