Why I won’t stop asking judicial nominees if they will follow the Constitution

As someone who believes deeply in the right to life and the equal dignity of every person, including the unborn, confirming judges who will resist the siren song of judicial lawmaking is especially important. All too often, lower courts have used substantive due process to stop states and local governments from protecting the unborn, even when Supreme Court case law would allow it.

This is wrong. This is activism. We need judges who will protect states’ ability to look out for the unborn to the maximum extent possible under current Supreme Court precedents. That is part and parcel of being a rule of law judge. Americans who cherish every fundamental freedom in our nation should agree.

The people of Missouri sent me here to ask tough questions, challenge conventional wisdom, and fight for what our state believes. We’ve been burned too often. For every Justice Clarence Thomas, there has been a Justice David Souter or Harry Blackmun. And every time, D.C. insiders have said, “Trust us.”

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