Transgender athletes who compete against women are cheats

In fall 2018, Twitter announced a new policy prohibiting “misgendering” or “dead naming” transgender people. It includes repeated or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, and anything that deliberately refers to a transgender person with pronouns they dislike. But as we’ve consistently seen in the past, Twitter is inconsistent at best with its enforcement. The question remains will social media platforms now ban or lock accounts simply for disagreeing on trans athlete participation levels.

Our society shifts more and more to an all-inclusive membership even when legitimate reasons for boundaries exist. There is no reason transgender athletes cannot compete against other transgender athletes. But blindly supporting women competing against men who identify as women makes no biological sense.

Life is not perfect or fair, despite strong, misguided efforts to manufacture utopia. In the process to equalize opportunities, many advocates—specifically in female trans athlete inclusion—are making the social strata even more unbalanced.

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