Look over there! Democrats seek to distract with Cohen hearing

Instead, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform is going to hold an asinine hearing meant to embarrass President Trump while he is negotiating with a nuclear-powered hostile nation. The hearing is meant to do nothing but distract America with a shiny object named Michael Cohen, from what the president is trying to accomplish with North Korea. The hearing is intended to cover up the staggering improprieties and crimes committed by former Obama officials and senior-level officials at the DOJ and the FBI. I guess that’s why the first thing the new majority did when it took over was to take “government” out of oversight. Being a Democrat apparently means never having to question the efficacy of government…

The House should be focusing on the systemic failures of the DOJ/FBI, not a sideshow by a perjurer. When it comes to obtaining FISA warrants, there is supposed to be a thorough review process in place to ensure the civil rights of American citizens are not violated. It is known as the Woods Procedures. Each government attorney is supposed to carefully review the documents to ensure the accuracy of the information that is to be presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). When that official signs their name to the warrant, they are vouching for the veracity of the information contained in the document. How can officials sign and vouch for the information within a document if they never read it? If they do sign it without reading it, isn’t that lying to the court? Is this an ethical violation for the prosecutors involved?

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