“Have you fallen for a cult leader? Does he have a hold of your brain?"

“I think this is a clear opportunity for some Republicans to stand up to the president, even though it might be risky. What doesn’t seem risky, Joe, what Republicans have denounced the obvious threat to the president’s critics? What Republicans have stepped up and said this is wrong in lieu of the president not stepping up and making a statement against someone who would threaten the lives of the president’s critics,” Brzezinski asked. “I just don’t know what planet we’re on when you can’t even get one Republican or two or three to say, you know, ‘the president should have denounced it, I denounced it.’”

“It was actually a plot to assassinate most of his Democrat being opponents who are seeking the presidency, running against him,” Scarborough explained. “And the silence was deafening, not on from the president who said, gee, that’s too bad but never denounced it.”