How dumb, arrogant Ocasio-Cortez became the boss of the Democratic Party

My gosh. It’s a measure of how cowardly impassive everyone has become all of a sudden that a chorus of right-thinking Democrats hasn’t told this idiotic windbag to be quiet and take a seat. Don’t talk until you learn something. But of course nobody has done that they are all too afraid of her.

What you are watching isn’t politics. It’s a children’s crusade, an army of tiny combatants marching off in oversized clothes into an unknown, puffed up with ignorant self-righteousness. Last week, as if on cue, activists showed up with a group of kids to harass California Sen. Dianne Feinstein for the crime of not endorsing the Green New Deal.

You almost — almost — had to feel a little bad for Dianne Feinstein. This is not the politics that she joined. When Feinstein became a U.S. senator 27 years ago, the Democratic Party was still sort of tethered to reality. They cared about the middle class –or said they did. They wanted a secure border. Feinstein made that case herself. They said they wanted abortion to be legal, but at least they also wanted it to be rare. They never told you not to have children.

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