Democrats put out welcome mat for a liar. We can't trust Michael Cohen.

Even Cohen’s personal lawyer, Lanny Davis, said a year ago that “the time for a Trump impeachment investigation has come.” This same Lanny Davis previously worked as President Bill Clinton’s spokesperson and is now described as “the ultimate Clinton loyalist.” Davis also was required to walk back inaccurate statements he made about what Donald Trump Jr. told his father before a Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

This is a rigged deal.

The facts are this: When Cohen testifies, he will surely lie. He has done it before. He will do it again. No one should be afraid of the truth, but everyone should be concerned when the deck is stacked in favor of falsehood.

The Oversight Committee shouldn’t feed Cohen’s insatiable desire for celebrity while playing patsy for political aims of the far left. If the Democrats are going to give a felon a platform, they should be honest about their motivations. At least Lanny Davis is. During a recent podcast, Davis acknowledged that Democrats “could overreach.” That would turn Cohen’s testimony into a partisan hit job designed to help their party.