Seven ugly lessons about the media from Jussie Smollett's debacle

FOUR: Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Very Real
Smollett, like many of his Hollywood peers, loathes President Trump. That’s fine. He’s Tweeted about his feelings, too. Again. No problem. Now, think about how much you must hate someone, anyone, to implicate the person’s followers via a manufactured attack. That’s an entirely different level of rage, and it’s rooted in an insane philosophy.

Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, to be precise.

Yet we’ve seen variations of TDS playing out in La La Land. Why would a respected director like Judd Apatow claim Trump will bring back the worst of Nazi Germany? Or how could professional film critics cheer a movie (Fahrenheit 11/9) that posits the same argument, but in technicolor?

TDS explains a great deal, including how several notable stars appear psychologically broken following Trump’s shocking 2016 electoral win.

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