Donald Trump, gay-rights hero

So it stands. For a few weeks, at least, the hero of the American left, and especially of America’s gay-left establishment, was a TV actor who did something incredibly selfish based on the premise that Trump and his supporters are racists and homophobes. Meanwhile the most prominent gay member of the Trump administration is taking real action to help gay people around the world – and the same professional gays who unquestioningly bought Jussie’s shaggy-dog story are, out of sheer irrational Trump-hatred, distancing themselves from what may well be one of the most significant human-rights initiatives in decades.

Such is the state of gay activism in the Western world today. Even as the lockstep soldiers of the gay-left establishment (which has never been about helping people, but about using gay-rights rhetoric to win gay support for Democratic politicians and “progressive” policies) keep promoting the transsexual agenda and keep denying that Islam is an existential threat to gays, the president whom they’ve cast in the role of their #1 enemy is taking on Islamic regimes in an attempt to help gay people around the world to whose plight that gay-left establishment is indifferent. They call themselves gay activists; but Trump is the real gay-rights hero – an objective fact that they’re obliged to deny in order to keep their tiny heads from exploding.

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