The identity-politics left now despises Bernie Sanders

But suddenly, Sanders’s political radicalism is eclipsed entirely by his whiteness and maleness. This is partly because so much of the Democratic party has adopted his policy positions that he no longer stands out the way he did just two years ago. Still, it’s a remarkable change, made all the more remarkable because it’s mostly an elite liberal phenomenon.

There’s little evidence that average Democrats, including minorities, care as much about the demands of wokeness as the liberal talking heads on TV claim. For instance, a majority of African-American Virginians do not want Governor Ralph Northam (of blackface infamy) to resign.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the face of the new, socialist, ethnically diverse Democratic party, owes her upset election not so much to allegedly socialism-craving people of color but to more-affluent white liberals. As Politico’s David Freedlander noted, Joseph Crowley, the old white male Ocasio-Cortez defeated in the primary, did quite well with blacks and Latinos, whom Crowley had served ably for years, while Ocasio-Cortez’s best margins came from “highly educated, whiter and richer” precincts that could afford to virtue-signal at the ballot box.

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