Steve King spins GOP punishment into political weapon

When asked by a constituent at the Monday town hall what he was doing to get back on committees, King said that he needs a “critical mass” of fellow House Republicans to support him. He added that some colleagues have privately expressed sympathy.

“Kevin McCarthy has been getting a lot of phone calls, and the more phone calls he gets and the more persistent that it is, the more he is gonna realize that it was a bad decision he made, based upon one comment misquoted in The New York Times, reported as fact,” King said, according to the Sioux City Journal.

King has also asked for a change in the Congressional Record transcript of his House floor remarks last month that would move a hyphen in his controversial quote to The New York Times. King has claimed that his comments to The Times appearing to question why the terms white nationalist and white supremacist have become offensive were misinterpreted due to a misplaced hyphen and wants the hyphen moved in the official record.

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