It's over, Bernie

Sanders is no stranger to hypocrisy. Last summer, he praised the Democratic National Committee for greatly reducing the power of superdelegates — powerful Democrats who can back any candidate, regardless of how the people vote. But in 2016, when it became clear that he was losing the nomination, Sanders beseeched the superdelegates to ignore the voters and support him instead.

Dismissing the will of the people is a Bernie specialty. No one can forget the Nevada Democratic state convention, held after Clinton had won the Nevada caucuses by a comfortable margin. The “Bernie bros” erupted, shouting the C-word at the women running the event. That included its chairwoman, who also received death threats against her and her grandchild.

Forced by circumstances to issue a statement, Sanders didn’t condemn the violence until the third paragraph — and that was quickly followed by a “but” that, in Trumpian fashion, blamed both sides. (We note that the statement has been removed from the official Sanders campaign website.)

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