Dems' hard left turn poses dilemma for Never Trumpers

Winston believes the Democratic move to the left will change the nature of the 2020 race. The more Democrats advocate policies that were on the party’s far left just a short time ago — and are still out of the larger political mainstream — the more the race will become a referendum on the future of the country, on which way it should go, and not on the personalities of the candidates. That could unite Republicans — and many independents — against moving in a policy direction so antithetical to their beliefs.

An example of that, Winston noted, is the recent progressive Democratic opposition that forced Amazon to pull out of a plan to build a second headquarters in New York City. The Amazon opponents, Winston wrote in Roll Call, “showed the American people the real-world consequences of progressive socialism and gave Republicans the perfect example to illustrate the choice in 2020 — radical economic policies that cost jobs or pragmatic, commonsense economic policies that drive growth and create jobs.”

But maybe there is some other way a GOP Trump challenge might work. Maybe the Democratic Party will shift again and nominate former Vice President Joe Biden as a more centrist candidate. It’s possible, although it seems hard to believe Biden could win the nomination without moving steadily left. In any event, NeverTrumpers could cite a “moderate” Biden presidency as an acceptable outcome of their challenge to Trump.